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Venice Halal Restaurants
Halal Restaurants in Venice – Venice is a city in northeastern Italy. The city in its entirety is listed as a World heritage site. For the celebration of art and architecture Venice is the most important tourist destination of the world, tourism has been a major sector of Venetian industry since 18th Century. Even today there are numerous attractions for tourists in the world. Muslim tourists staying in Venice seek for Halal restaurant and consume a lot of their time in search. By using TripDiscovery you can easily view all information regarding Halal restaurants, markets, café’s and etc. TripDiscovery keeps a complete and authentic data of all Halal restaurants in Venice.
Halal Restaurants in Venice
SKK Shock Kebab - Venice , Italy
Location. Campo Manin, 4253, Venice, Veneto 30124 /website:www.skkitaly.com /Phone: +39 04 1528 5448
GourmIndia Restaurant - Venice , Italy
Location. Via Forte Marghera 129, Mestre, Veneto 30173
Teheran Pars Restaurant - Venice , Italy
Location. Ponte Della Fabbrica n, 67, Padova, Veneto 35031 /Phone: +39 04 981 2869
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